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मुण्डन संस्कार (Mundan Sanskar)

Mundan Sanskar

Tonsuring, commonly known as Mundan or Choodakaran Sanskar, is one of the most popular and widely followed traditions of Hindus. This ceremony marks the first hair cut of a baby, which takes place in either of the first or the third year of the birth. Hinduism regards the birth hair to be impure so it has to be removed to eradicate the negative elements of a child’s past life and for the purification of his soul in the present life. Mundan sanskar is held on a day or muhurat suggested by an astrologer or pundit ji. Amid the sacred chants recited by the priests, barber shaves off the child’s hair. The discarded hair is later disposed into the running water preferably the river of Ganga. Sandalwood and turmeric paste is applied on the child’s head to avoid any bacterial infection and gifts and blessings are showered upon him by the family and the relatives.


फोटो गैलरी